About The Painswick Pottery and Me

All of my pots are hand made on a traditional wheel, glazed and fired here in the Cotswolds. As a consequence they are all slightly different (no two are the same) although for sets the variations will be small. I only use stoneware clay which is very durable and fully oven, dishwasher and microwave proof.

Once the pots have been made they are allowed to dry thoroughly and can only then be fired in my kiln. The first firing is termed a biscuit firing to 1000 Deg C after which the pots are glazed by hand in one of several coloured glazes. They are then fired again to 1215 Deg C and baked for 20 minutes at which point the glaze comes to life and the clay vitrifies to make a strong, durable pot which will last many years.
I try to keep the full range of pots in stock and should be able to send your order immediately. If however I get a large order and don't have your choice available I will start up the wheel and get baking straight away. In this case, from start to finish, it will take 3 weeks to make your pot followed by delivery. A message will appear if you select an item that needs to be freshly made.
On completion of your order your pots will be very well packaged and sent as soon as possible by courier.
About me
I learnt to throw many years ago at College and thanks to my wife kept 'my hand in' throughout our travels overseas. I setup my pottery studio in 2014 at first as a hobby and soon after established an online store to sell all the pots I'd made.
Me today
Making a bowl in Colombia in 2010
Me making some pots in Miri in Malaysia in 2002
Me (on the left) helping at a charity event in 1990